Flower 58



Aldrovanda The Waterwheel Plant (Adam Cross): Very detailed book about stated topic

The Cambridge Illustrated Glossary of Botanical Terms (Michael Hickey and Clive King): Illustrated reference guide about what botanical terms mean

Cephalotus - the Albany Pitcher Plant (Cross, Kalfas, Nunn and Conran): Very detailed book about the stated topic, lovely photos

Drosera of the World (Lowrie, Robinson, Nunn, Fleischmann, Bourke, McPherson, Rice, Gibson, Gonella): 3-volume book about the stated topic, split by geographical regions. Lovely photos.

Epic Tomatoes (Craig LeHoullier): Beginner-friendly but informative book about growing different types of tomato

The Gardener's Year (DK): Beginner-friendly but informative book about vegetable gardening, best for temperate climates

The genus Echeveria (John Pilbeam): Book about stated topic, lovely photos

The Genus Paphiopedilum (Guido J. Braem): Very detailed book about the stated topic

The Genus Phragmipedium (Guido J. Braem): Very detailed book about the stated topic

Guide to the Vascular Plants of Florida (Richard P. Wunderlin and Bruce F. Hansen): Book with with dichotomous keys for identifying Florida native plants

Monograph of the Genus Genlisea (Fleischmann): Very detailed book about the stated topic

The New Encyclopedia of Orchids (Isobyl la Croix): Very informative but not comprehensive because there are too many orchids for one book, lovely photos

100 Orchids for the American Gardener (Smith and Hawken): Beginner-friendly guide to growing a few types of orchids

The Pepper Garden (DeWitt and Bosland): A little outdated but still a great informative guide for the peppers that are included

Pitcher Plants of the Old World (Stewart McPherson): 2-volume book about Nepenthes, beautiful photos

The Savage Garden, Revised: Cultivating Carnivorous Plants (Peter D'Amato): Book about different kinds of carnivorous plants and how to grow them

The Scent of Scandal: Greed, Betrayal, and the World's Most Beautiful Orchid (Craig Pittman): Engaging narrative nonfiction about the Phragmipedium kovachii scandal

Stapeliads (refreshed) (John Pilbeam): Book about different species of stapeliads, pretty layman-friendly, lovely photos

Watercolor Flower Portraits (Billy Showell): How-to-draw book about botanical illustration, more about artistic technique than plants but very useful if you're interested in botanical illustration